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7 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Donna.

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience several cities and landscapes in one single trip, and to discover that any one of these destinations would have made the trip worthwhile? This is exactly what you’ll experience on the almost 3,000-km stretch of the Danube between the Black Forest and the Black Sea. In irrepressible Bratislava, Renaissance meets socialism, and science fiction thrives alongside Baroque. Budapest – so majestic yet so quirky – has an improvisational feel, with its “ruin pubs” and former schools and factories converted into offices. And then there is the Hungarian language! Finally Vienna. Resembling an ornate pink confectionery creation, this is another city whose mixture of oriental, German and French influences make visitors fall in love with it. In fact, one trip to Vienna is not enough: you’ll want to keep coming back to discover more. And you’ll probably want to keep coming back for the Wäschermäderln, Vienna’s famous marzipan-stuffed apricots, too.

Highlights of this cruise:

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is known as the city on the blue Danube, but today the main river is actually detached from the inner city and only the Danube Channel runs through the city. Vienna is still one of Europe’s most seductive cities, however, and is worth a visit not just for its incomparable cultural treasures, the pomp and elegance of former glory, but also for its traditional coffee houses.

Esztergom is one of the oldest cities in Hungary. Approximately 150 years ago the cathedral was built within a period of 30 years. St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome was used as a model.  At the inauguration, Franz Liszt conducted the “Graner Mass”. It is the largest and most beautiful cathedral in Hungary as well as the third largest cathedral in Europe.

Budapest once consisted of three parts: Buda, Obuda and Pest. Buda meaning “oven” was the historical upper city with the castle. The part Obuda meaning “old oven” was the part between the hill and the Danube. And Pest on the left-hand side was where most of the population lived. In 1872, these three parts were combined to form a real centre.

Bratislava has been the capital of Slovakia since its independence in 1993. Bratislava was also the capital of Hungary from 1536 to 1784. A visit should begin at the castle, which offers spectacular panoramic views over the "Beauty on the Danube". The Old City presents a fascinating network of attractive squares and winding lanes.

Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
12/07/20 Engelhartszell, Austria 05:00 PM
13/07/20 Vienna, Austria 01:00 PM overnight
14/07/20 Vienna, Austria 06:30 PM
15/07/20 Esztergom, Hungary 08.00 AM 10.30 AM
15/07/20 Budapest, Hungary 03.00 PM overnight
16/07/20 At sea - -
17/07/20 Budapest, Hungary 06:00 PM
17/07/20 Bratislava, Slovakia 12:00 PM 05:00 PM
18/07/20 Melk , Austria 12.00 PM 04.00 PM
19/07/20 Engelhartszell, Austria 07.00 AM
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